Contest : Islamic medieval city


Submitted render (click for Hi res) contest – Ancient civilization : Islamic medieval city

hi everyone,
I’m posting something different this time, as you may know are running periodically very interesting contests with different subjects, finally I found some free time to participate, and I really liked theme; so this is a work in progress thread, that I will update over time…
I hope that you’ll find it useful and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback /critics please.

Day 1: Concept Design

before starting the 3d modeling process it’s important to have a clear image in my mind, so I’ve made those sketches on the go, I mixed different elements that makes an islamic city;¬† the cubic houses, the Mosque, and the big wall that protects the whole city, I tried different points of view

and finally I liked the point of view at the entry of the town; a perspective showing the huge door…
after that, I got the Idea to reproduces my own city (Algiers at the 18 – 19 century) instead of making something from scratch,
after some research I found this great painting by William Wyld

Algiers Harbor by William Wyld – 1833

Day 2: Base modeling

at first, I set the scene scale by simply taking the mosque dimension as reference, the mosque still exist to this day, so just used¬† google earth to pick it’s dimension. then started the classic modeling process …from cubes, planes…extruding, cutting with the knife tool…etc

Algiers harbor 1800

Day 3 : setting the scene mood and adding details

I like to work in a non linear workflow, I prefer to set the base lighting, textures and global mood before finalizing the modeling, I believe the sooner you start working on those areas the further you go, and the better is the result…
Algiers harbour wip 13

Day4: sculpt – texture paint – relight

the current scene status…

this is screen capture from the 3d view to see how the detail modelling is going on, especially the details sculpting on the left wall18_openGL

a simple clay render with new lighting, some work is needed on the sky color / mood

Day5: Texture painting

20_texture_details03 20_texture_details02 20_texture_details01 20_texture_painting