SARS-COV-2 – 3d model

this is a scientifically accurate 3d model of SARS-COV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome, corona virus 2) responsible for the covid19 pandemic,

this model is based on molecular visualization data, and is more complete than most models currently available on 3d markets, it includes both internal and external structural and non structural proteins. has a good balance between accuracy and visual aesthetics.

the 3D Model Source files are available for purchase with both education and commercial licenses here:

It includes all the features known to date of the virus, from the different protein to the recent discovered sugar coat on the spikes (Glycans)

most of the proteins are based on the latest scientific molecular data

include all those elements as separate objects too :

Spikes Glycoprotein (S) – Envelope Protein (E) – Membrane Protein (M) – lipid viral envelope – NSP3 Papain like protease – NSP5 – NSP9 RNA Replicase – NSP10-NSP16 – NSP12-NSP8-NSP7 – NSP13 – NSP15 – ORF7a accessory protein, RNA Nucleocapsid, Single stranded RNA

the source model is made with Blender and the placement of each protein is procedural using particle systems, which means that you can change any parameter on the fly, like the number of particles, their distribution, also the slice view is generated dynamically using a slice guide object.

all objects are properly named and well organized in different collections

I also included ready to render setups, just switch to different scenes on the scene manager menu.