Archviz : Résidence l’Aube

recently I was given 7 weeks to produce this archviz animation,

it all started from Autocad 2d drawings, with Draftsight I cleaned and converted the dwg drawings into dxf format, then imported the drawings to Blender and modeled all the building including the interiors,

the blender’s built-in scene manager was of a great help to manage all the different parts of the project, believe it or not, all this project fit inside one Blend file !

for the render I tried eevee render engine but failed to get a convincing result so I switched back to Cycles, the quality isn’t as good as I hoped for even for cycles due to a tight deadline and budget, the animation was rendered at 1280×720 (150 – 300 samples). it took more than 3 weeks of render time with one GPU (8000 frames)

most of the assets on this animation are from sketchup 3d warehouse, or sketchup scenes converted into blender,

the terrain was imported using the Blender-OSM Addon, and textures from google earth pro. the edit was done inside Kdenlive

note: two GPUs were lost in the making of this animation

the animation :

Illustrations :