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Hi everyone, this is a personal project that I’m working on, I wanted something complex  to test the new cycles volume shaders,

the project started after been inspired by an underwater photo:

1-I took five minutes to make a quick sketch in GIMP
2-then started with simple modeling in blender, extruding a plane…
3-set the volume shader and the base lighting…
4-after I had a good mood, I sculpted the rocks…
5-added details progressively (the submarine, the shipwreck …)
6-added more details with particles system (rocks, dust particles….)


7-launched a Hi res render (3000x2000pixel) with 2000 samples (took 13 hours with cpu render)
too see how it works in full size and how much work is needed:
now I’m looking to make the volume light of the spot lamps more visible (lamps of the submarine)


OpenGL preview                                                                       Render without Volume shader
abyss_wip_11_OpenGL abyss_wip_11_without_volume

8-I found the way to make the submarine’s spot lamps volume light visible, it was just by enabling multiple importance sampling for every lamp, now the lights sources are sampled equally, this image was rendered at 3000 samples, but still has too much noise !

9- I made some separate tests and found that lamps produces less noise than illuminated meshes, so I reduced the power of the spheres of the headlights and disabled (multiple importance sampling) then added a point lamp beside every sphere, now I got an homogeneous noise

(click for hires image)

10- found the time to rework the design of the submarine, the first sketches were too round…
(click for hires image)

Screenshot from 2014-02-03 07:37:56

I’ve replaced the old submarine with the new one, still have to adjust the lamp intensities to match the previous render…

light intensities restored (but color is a correction with GIMP)

you can download the version 1.0 of this scene right now
for this file to work properly  you will need the latest development build of  Blender:

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