Blender Cycles in action: archviz (interior rendering)

1080p video (showreel teaser):

another demo showcasing the power of blender’s render engine (Cycles) in archviz rendering.
the purpose of this demo is to show you how practical cycles is, and how much it helps to quickly set shaders, change the lighting and set the render views.
also you’ll find at the video end how the noise cleaning post-process works …hope that you’ll find it inspiring.

some  info / hints  about the project:

  1. 1.6 millions polygons in total, rendered with less than 1.5Gb Video RAM
  2. the light setup is combination of: sun, interior lamps, light panels placed at each window, ambient occlusion,
  3. the video playback runs at normal speed (no speedup)

the used hardware specs (GPU rendering):

CPU:   intel core i7 2600 3.5GHz – RAM: 16Gb
GPUs: Geforce GTX285 as a display device
2x Geforce GTX580 as CUDA compute devices

villa_interior_06 villa_interior_05 villa_interior_04 villa_interior_02 villa_interior_01 sejour_post_processing

check this hi res sample 3000×2000 pixel (click for full screen version)