free download: 3d project – Pabellon Barcelona v1.2

Hi everyone, this is an update to the last Posted 3d model with some  new cool features

the v1.2 Updates features:

  1. different day times (midday, sunset, night) in different scenes, but inside the same blend file, the geometry and materials still shared between them
  2. GPU benchmark scene, optimized to load on 1Gb Graphic cards
  3. CPU Optimized render settings , I’ve tried both the non progressive and progressive samplers I found that the progressive sampler gives less noise in shorter times (about 25% faster)
  4. the pebbles are now scattered with the particle system instead of huge displaced subdivided plane
  5. renamed the materials and separated the assets (tree, lotus flower, chair, pebbles) to a different scene


rendered with two GPUs ( 2 x geforce GTX 580 1.5Gb)

render times for different scenes were :

  1. midday : render size :4800×2700 pixels / 700 samples / render time: 01 hour
  2. sunset: render size :4800×2700 pixels / 1000 samples – render time 3h46min hours
  3. night: render size :4800×2700 pixels / 3000 samples- render time 6 hours
  4. GPU benchmark scene: 1280×720 pixels / 100 samples- render time 1min12s (2x Geforce GTX580) and (2m:15s with one Geforce GTX580)
  5. CPU benchmark scene: 1280×720 pixels /100 samples – render time 7min47s (intel core i7 2600 3.5Ghz)


here’s the source files created with blender 2.66  Download Current blender version (latest but can be instable)

enjoy !


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don’t forget to report your benchmark results here: Blender Cycles GPU/CPU Benchmark





I’ve made Hires render (4800 x 2700 pixels) included in the download file, the following are 100% crops




Camera 06 in the different day times