3D Animation – HYDROspi

want to share with you my last blender 3d animation,

I did the product design and made this short video as usual with my favorite open source software
3 days of work in total (without the vacuum design)

used software:
Blender for 3D modeling / product design / rendering / animation / compositing
kdenlive for sound and video edit,

rendered with two Geforce GTX580 1.5Gb ram on Ubuntu workstation

hope you like it


still render directly from Blender, rendered with Cylces (3000 samples)


Screenshot from 2013-12-10 21:59:44
screen capture from Blender


Screenshot from 2013-12-11 22:34:14
screen capture from Kdenlive






    Salamou alaikoume,yes i like it,c’est du trés beau travail comme à l’accoutumée dailleurs…Rabbi inaounkoume!!!salut.

  • Thomas Pedersen

    I really like it! How do you do the cross section animation, you animate the mesh itself? The thick black line around the cut, is that applied in post?

    • just animated the start Clipping value in Camera settings, I also activated ambient occlusion with distance set to 0 to illuminate the object’s inside.

      • Thomas Pedersen

        Clipping value! That’s like genius! Great tip, thanks a lot!