free download: 3d project โ€“ Pabellon Barcelona v1.2

Hi everyone, this is an update to the last Posted 3d model with some  new cool features

the v1.2 Updates features:

  1. different day times (midday, sunset, night) in different scenes, but inside the same blend file, the geometry and materials still shared between them
  2. GPU benchmark scene, optimized to load on 1Gb Graphic cards
  3. CPU Optimized render settings , I’ve tried both the non progressive and progressive samplers I found that the progressive sampler gives less noise in shorter times (about 25% faster)
  4. the pebbles are now scattered with the particle system instead of huge displaced subdivided plane
  5. renamed the materials and separated the assets (tree, lotus flower, chair, pebbles) to a different scene


rendered with two GPUs ( 2 x geforce GTX 580 1.5Gb)

render times for different scenes were :

  1. midday : render size :4800×2700 pixels / 700 samples / render time: 01 hour
  2. sunset: render size :4800×2700 pixels / 1000 samples – render time 3h46min hours
  3. night: render size :4800×2700 pixels / 3000 samples- render time 6 hours
  4. GPU benchmark scene: 1280×720 pixels / 100 samples- render time 1min12s (2x Geforce GTX580) and (2m:15s with one Geforce GTX580)
  5. CPU benchmark scene: 1280×720 pixels /100 samples – render time 7min47s (intel core i7 2600 3.5Ghz)


here’s the source files created with blender 2.66  Download Current blender version (latest but can be instable)

enjoy !


don’t forget to report your benchmark results here: Blender Cycles GPU/CPU Benchmark





I’ve made Hires render (4800 x 2700 pixels) included in the download file, the following are 100% crops




Camera 06 in the different day times




  • how did you do the trees and louts ?? plugin ? or proxy ??

    thank you so much

  • youv used particals system.. but how did u made them appera like boxes ?? so it wont slow pc down ??

    • Assalamu alaikum Moustafa, the principle is simple:
      – the particle system uses goups from the “Assets” scene,
      – I just changed the assets display mode to bounding boxes to render fast in the 3d view
      – I modeled the lotus flower from reference photos, but the tree was downloaded from blendswap, I just reworked the leaf’s material
      -for tree modeling you can use the Sapling addon included with blender

  • Assalamu alaikum Hamza,Greetings from Indonesia ๐Ÿ™‚
    You have great work, I want to know how you get rid of noisy fireflies effect, I have an interior scene, render time was 6 hour on CPU i7 2600K with 2000 samples, but I still get that kind noisy on some parts, especially on lights and glass

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wa Alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah, hi Bintang and thanks for your appreciation ๐Ÿ™‚

      for the noise and fire flies:
      decrease the “Clamp” value in the sample panel (render properties) it removes fireflies and reduce the noise but at the cost of highlight details, generally use a value between 2.5 – 5

      also you can also use the “Bilateral Blur” filter in the compositor to completely remove the noise, there’s a good tutorial on blender cookie on the subject.

  • mohamed

    salam hamza
    great thank’s really help full

  • Vincenzo

    The zip file linked by the link provided is empty!!!
    PS: very great job!

    • sorry for the inconvienience, something went wrong with the site download manager, it’s been fixed, and stay tunned I will update this scene hopefully soon with more goodies.


  • GPauwels

    Great job, amazing quality!!! Thanks for sharing some of your work!
    The zip file is empty however ๐Ÿ™

  • sorry for the inconvienience, something went wrong with the site download manager, it’s been fixed, and stay tunned I will update this scene hopefully soon with more goodies.


    • gpauwels

      Thanks a lot! We all can still learn a lot from your skills!

  • Volden

    Outstanding work. Thanks for sharing.

  • zunder kopf

    hey and thanks for the file !
    could you please talk a little bit how you did the trees (basically), i cant figure out how this works ? would be nice. thank you

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  • Mamรก Paco

    Thanks and do the the new Benchmark please.