free download: archviz project – Pabellon Barcelona 3d scene



edit: the download link is obsolete, download the updated version from here, thanks





Pabellon Barcelona 3D blender scene file

for Blender / Cycles, with textures, shaders, environement, ready for rendering

Distributed under creative commons license
feel free to distribute and use it for your commercial and personal projects !


architecture designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

additional modeling / lighting / rendering by Hamza Cheggour
Base model/textures by Claudio Andres


I’m looking to write a making-of packed with tips,
if you have any question/feedback that you want to see in the making of, just leave a comment




here’s some renders straight forward from the source file (click for 1920×1080 pixel images)


01 06 05 03 02 04


  • Wow this is stunning! I would love to see a making of with Tips aswell, that would be awesome. Sadly not many People use Cycles for architectual Renderings your Images are a stunning prove, what cycles is capable is. Just stunning.


  • Shashank Raj

    This is Freaking Awesome and Amazingly realistic… You guys rock!!!

  • Darren S

    This is great!
    I’d be interested in Workflow, and best practices for modelling

  • pixflo

    Hi ! Amazing job, my best compliments.
    I’d like to test and have a look at the scene by myself but I can’t download it…maybe link is corrupted?
    Thanks and complimets


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