free download: classic chair



Classic Chair 3D Model – for Blender / Cycles

distributed under creative commons license
so feel free to distribute and use it for your commercial and personal projects


Chair Turntable from eMirage on Vimeo.





  • Thank you very much for the beautifully modelled chair.

  • gavin

    i am testing out Yafaray with your Nissan Pathfinder (excellent work btw)

    Have you stopped using Yafaray ? I would love some video tutorials on it for AA and GI. The official docs are for Blender 2.49.

    • Hi Gavin, I don’t use Yafaray anymore, it’s a good renderer but I found Cycles better suited for my workflow, cycles has less bugs and is tightly integrated with blender. and sadly I have no Idea about the recent Yafaray versions to give you a full review,

  • Tom Harvey

    Hi Hamza, I’m modeling a 1909 Pierce Arrow roadster and I’ve borrowed you chair upholstery for the seats. I’ll give you a full credit. Thanks, Tom