Blender Cycles in action: automotive rendering


this is a quick demo showcasing the power of blender’s render engine (Cycles) in automotive rendering.

the purpose of this demo is to show you how practical cycles is, and how much it helps to quickly set shaders / material colors, change the lighting and set the render views

the video playback run slightly faster than normal speed, but you can see the real render times in the top of the render view “elapsed”

used hardware spec (GPU rendering):

CPU: intel core i7 2600 3.5GHz – RAM: 16Gb
GPU: Geforce GTX285 as a display device
2x Geforce GTX580 as CUDA compute devices



  • Mohamed Mangoulch

    very good!!
    that was awesom!!

  • 123

    This is

  • 123

    This is really nice. I actually thought it was a real car when the picture came up. I have tried car modeling for a while now, and just cant seem to get the hang of it. Do you have any tutorials anywhere? I would love to see how you did this.