Classical furniture, 3D models collection

Hi everyone,

I have the pleasure to announce the launch of my first 3D models collection,
7 High quality classical furniture models designed for luxury offices and houses, modeled with blender and optimized for yafaray / luxrender, you will obtain the same renders as shown in the previews, (studio light set included)

available in both blender 2.49b and OBJ file formats (the OBJ were tested and certified with 3ds max, and may work with other software).

follow this link to CGPeopleNetwork 3d market website to buy the product

Don’t hesitate to post a comment or any other request/suggestion, thanks

  • Looks really good, Wonder how much time you spend making the whole entire scene. Looks really photo realistic. Any tutorials for Blender users?

  • This is a great article. Iā€™m new to blogging but still learning. Thanks for the great resource.

  • fosburg

    Also new to blogging–and learning. Nice presentation of furniture. Was everything done with Blender or, were there other applications used?

    • Hi fosburg, yes all the furnitures were modeled in blender,

  • Dimitrisc

    Are the polycount(s) mentioned somewhere?
    BTW lovely stuff!

  • vic

    congratulations!, those are the best models i have seen, made in blender! What did you used to render the images?

  • I found your Blog when I was searching for furnitures and I need to say, you do a really good job. You article helps me a lot! Thanks.

  • I Like to read about furniture collection.Got your page on Saturday.Your Post is really Nice.Thanks.

  • Beautifully modeled and rendered. It would be nice to see a wireframe view also. It looks like a lot of hard work. Well done.

  • WOW !! mashallah nice work
    Textures are fascinating, modelling is amazing
    everything is so cool
    hope u’ll make a tutorial for that šŸ™‚

  • can u give me more detailes please? Thanks

  • hello this is a great design

    could you possible contact me over this design

    maybe i have a project for you small

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